31 October 2012

(☆ω★) ハッピーハロウィン

Today is Halloween~ another reason why I love October so much. (ノ)´ω`(ヾ) Yesterday while talking to my Boyfriend I decided to go carve my pumpkin~ he asked me if I were to eat it, and in all honesty, I have never ate pumpkin in my life, and don't plan to either. (Although I was tempted to purchase pumpkin candy, totally the same, really).
Complementary before and after photos! I had sent multiple photos to my Boyfriend via mail, as a result my phone has the pungent smell of pumpkin and I hate it. (つ3;`) I hope next time to celebrate with my Boyfriend, or at least to go visit D-chan so I can carve pumpkins with him! Actually Halloween in Japan seems so fun and I would love to experience it. For a nation that is very superstitious about ghosts and ghouls, this is one Holiday they don't forget. Nearly every building in Yokohama had some form of Halloween item in it's window, celebrating the beginning of Fall and welcoming the seasonal changes. (´ω`。)
While I was at Tokyo Disney Sea, I picked up some chocolates as a gift for my family. I was torn between cookies or just regular chocolates, both the same style tin. Actually at the Gift Shop there were even Christmas goods out, and well, as always in most Disney themed stores I spend an eternity browsing.
My family tend to not eat anything I bring back from Japan -- Why? Because of packaging and sentimental value (for myself) but these were around 1,200JPY so it is mandatory they eat these, AND the ones I got them in March. The packaging overall is super cute, and we have yet to eat any! So hopefully tonight we will get to share a piece!
I'm putting a couple bracelets out for some younger Trick or Treaters, they glow in the dark so they will be really nice~ we usually get really young Monsters early evening, but honestly, we get very few Monsters now.. more chocolate for me!

I hope everyone has a safe and very happy Halloween!!


  1. Your pumpkin is so cute! Never seen one like that before~ We don't get many trick or treat'ers around here either, i wish it was celebrated more because i love the Halloween season ><


    1. Thank you~ ヾ(Сω★)ノ I wanted a unique design!
      I also wish it was celebrated more, or I knew people close enough to celebrate with. (°д° )

  2. I'm not a big halloween fan but your pumpkin looks so pretty and I those halloween themed decorations (especially for blogs, haha) are so cute.
    I really like pumpkin - especially as soup *-*
    I didn't like it as a child but you should really give it a try someday ! (;

    1. (ノ)´ω`(ヾ) I have so many Halloween pixels, but such little time to use them all! (泣)
      I probably will try pumpkin - one day.. (´・Д・)」 I will take a pledge to try most foods before I die..