9 October 2012

★ Happy Happy Birthday ★

Oct 7 2012: It was my Birthday! I received a sweet mail from my Boyfriend exactly at 00:00am Japan time. Even though we were sitting in the same room, however the mail was completely in English so I was really happy he is trying hard for me.
Once morning came we slept in until 11am and I used some time to reply to messages, mail and comments from all over. Thank you. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Finally I had to talk on the phone to my Friends, and they too wished me  happy birthday, in Japanese and English. The second Friend turned it into a comedy call.

Me: moshi moshi?
Me: hello!
Me: Ah~ thank you!
Me: .. ah.. Merry.. Christmas!? (;´Д`A ```

Afterwards we made plans to meet in the evening for purikura. Kanako had asked a couple times in the past, and when we once were to head that way, it was full of Students. So I asked my Boyfriend if we could all take it that evening. Yay!

We planned to go to 横浜赤レンガ倉庫 (Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse), which is an AMAZING building here. It's actually where the Miku Hatsune live was held near the waterfront. Before we went to 横浜ランドマークタワー  (Yokohama Landmark Tower). It is home to the fastest elevator in Japan, and you travel 69 floors in 40 seconds. The location of the building is pretty much right outside the train exit. It's very easy to locate too!
On the 69th floor, you get a huge view of Yokohama, once again it was overcast so we weren't able to see Mt. Fuji.

It had a fantastic view! It was similar to the one in Sunshine City, however I felt the one in Yokohama was far better (not being biased, at all) but the view had a lot more to offer, maybe because the water breaks up the concrete jungle appearance? I also managed to get a photo of Yokohama Baseball stadium, I believe.
We could see the Red Brick Warehouse from the Sky Garden, and noticed there was a festival.
Yokohama Oktoberfest 2012 
We went to look around shopping first inside, though I only returned with candy since the shops were packed out, it was incredibly hot and -- well, Lush has an over powering frgrance, and it seemed they were competing with the Coffee Shop next door. So once the candy was obtained we went to buy tickets for the Oktoberfest, much to my little Beer Monsters delight.  ヾ(*゜、ω゜*)ノ゚+.
This was the only time I had seen so many foreigners in Yokohama, and they were all American too. One guy to say the least was trying to liven everyone up. "Why is everyone so quiet!? Come on, make some noise!" and then 'whoo-ing' at everyone. Uh..
We had beer in a boot! So cute. I had a fit when I saw the total price, it came to 6,600yen. Seriously. But then I realised if you took the glass back you got money back! I would have hit my Boyfriend for spending that much on a beer. If he wants to drink out of a boot he can use mine. (」゚Д゚)」オオオオォォォォォ!!!

Afterwards we headed back, but decided to stop for purikura. Of course planned journeys never turn out as planned. Heading back to the train resulted in, stopping for purikura, but first stopping at Kiddyland to buy a Stitch figure, and then stopping at every UFO catcher before FINALLY getting purikura. Oh I won a giant Stitch too.. I was pleased with the amount we spent on getting him, because in the stores I'm sure he'd be well over 3,000yen and we spent less than 1,500yen. Plus my competitive side kicked in when I saw another young couple eyeing the game waiting for me to give up in defeat Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ?!
Eventually we left and went back home to meet everyone at another Game Center. Everyone was late, but Hiro arrived first and we wandered around the Game Center for a little and he won me another figure, and a cute plush toy. Eventually Kanako came running in to see us and finally everyone else arrived so we headed in for purikura. It was so fun, though I was nervous too. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 Kanako had wrote all of our names on the purikura, including 'Ari Birthday' it's so cute.
We were all super hungry, so we headed for food and beer~ and they sang me Happy Birthday in English. Kanako handed me a gift from her (and perhaps her Boyfriend). It's part of the Super Lovers Halloween set - and I absolutely adore it!! I want to write her a letter to thank her, but my Japanese handwriting is bad. I also need to exchange Twitter names with her and mail address. The night was so fun, I got to talk to Daiki slightly with help from Kanako. He doesn't seem so shy any more, and I even managed to get a high five from him during his burst of hyper activity from my Boyfriend playing chase with him. Yeah, a bunch of 20 plus year olds playing in a park at 11:30pm, yet Daiki insisted he wasn't sleepy.

Once we got back home I had a Skype video call with my Mum, she put everyone on, Dad, Brother, Uncle and even my Great Grandma. I miss them a lot. But it was good to see them via video call, even though now my spoken English is TERRIBLE, I said 'nani' and 'daijoubu' so many times FAIL. ヽ( ゚∀゚)ノ My Boyfriend resisted going on camera a couple times, so I had to speak to him from the side, in Japanese, so my Mum was asking me what I was saying. So complicating switching from one language to another.


  1. Happy late birthday (^▽^)

  2. That view is stunning! *--* Happy belated birthday!! :D

    1. It was~ absolutely. Wished to see it at night time however. (>3<) Maybe next time!

  3. oh, so you do that, too. I mean, mixing up languages when skyping with the lovelies at home... at first they thought, that I did it on purpose... >.<;

    1. Yeah. I didn't think it would be such an issue, as I can type rather well. Though talking in English, I now have to talk slower.

  4. Happy late birthday, dude.
    'had no Internet to reply your comment and read your post...
    gomene. u_u

    you're absolutely right persuming 69-II isn't the BEST video to introduce VIVID to someone who's completely new with this...
    I guess it would be pretty too much.. (;