18 November 2012


Earlier I received an interesting yet disappointing message from the Guitarist of DELeTE (well I actually had to ask him about it, since the Bassist talks in riddles worse than I do). After I was fully updated I had to pass on the news, bad news of course that the Bassist, Neu would be departing from the band. (´Д`υ)
The way he worded it, it would be an invasion of another planet, as the band hold a slight space x alien theme, it's cute non the less. Annoyingly I'm the only remaining Staff page to actually update, but oh well.
I spoke a bit to Renji, and he too is departing from the band, so he confirmed that DELeTE would in fact disband and they will all work on their own projects within the future ( ◞‸◟)… Yes I am sad, but it's not the end of the world. Indeed I am still going to follow the ex Band Members on their next adventure. Furthermore, I am happy I got to work with them, even for less than a year, it was fun and they really encouraged me to learn more Japanese.
I always get complimentary photos at the end of the night.
(∩,,◕◞౪◟◕)⊃━+ ゚ .+ .゚.゚。 ゚ 。. +゚ 。゚.゚。*。。 . 。 o .。゚。.o。* 。 .。 
yay itty bitty fangirl moment!!!!!