12 May 2012

★ B BE BEE ★

Recently, I told my Friend about a store I found in Tokyo this year! Being absolutely bored right now I decided to blog to keep my mind active, though we all know I should be studying. Oops~

B BE BEE is a cute little accessory stall located on the basement floor in Laforet, Harajuku. Laforet is easily accessible from multiple directions, walking distance between Harajuku and Shibuya.Guaranteed most people who read my blog will possibly be interested in Japanese Fashion and Pop culture, so Laforet is a MUST GO for your music and fashion needs! I may blog at a later date all the stores in Laforet and try and grab as many links for you possible!

I discovered B Be Bee earlier this year in March. I had read about it previously on numerous band blogs in the past, v(neu), AWAKE and even 【PaRADEiS】 members are frequent visitors to B Be Bee! While I was in the store, I realised a familiar band would be lurking there soon, 美女♂men Vlossom!
Although the date read 28th of March on the flier, so I was no longer in Japan at this time! I have never seen 美♂men Vlossom wear any noticeable B Be Bee, but I'm forgetting that they do a range of jewellery suitable for Lolita and -- well, the only thing in store that TRULY caught my attention was most of the brand AWAKE wear! Stars, eyeballs and bright colours!  I really admire the promotion going on between bands and stores.
Here is Mashiro signing an almost life size cut out of himself, and next photo is the shop owner, and vocalist Eru from AWAKE. I should add here that the shop owner is an adorable sweetie! She speaks little English, but will try her hardest to talk to you and ask where you are from. If you dress daring and vibrant enough the shop will ask to take an outfit snap shot of you to upload to their blog!
B BE BEE are home to their own original brand, as well as the following:

If cute is not entirely your cup of tea, then I heavily suggest you check out TEDDY MONSTER! If you like 'creepy cute' then this is BEYOND 'creepy cute'. Each item is hand made, so no two items are the same. Well, I guess if you wanted to be picky, you could point out that each bear (before hand) was manufactured the same as the next one, so okay - each item is different after it's own unique customisation!
B Be Bee is a mix of frilly cute, and creepy cute; but I hate the term 'creepy cute'. The store is only small - so don't be too worried if you go from blood covered bears, to lolita socks, wigs and accessories, it's the same shop! B Be Bee will also provide you with a selection of (free) fliers to take, as well as promoting current band releases, playing them while in store. The prices vary from which brand you are buying from, Teddy Monster can seem excessive for bigger pieces but don't forget that each item is custom designed, and it takes time to create! You are paying for workmanship!  I found the store overall was relatively cheap, and I know for certain I will revisit this shop time and time again! So I hope my readers will too!!
B Be Bee: Ameba + Twitter
Teddy Monster: Ameba
L-Chance: OHP

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  1. That sounds amazing. ♥
    I still don't know where in Japan I'll be in summer (if everything works out well and I'm able to go there) but if I really am THAT lucky to go to Tokyo and Harajuku I definitely will check out that store! (*^*)

    Thanks for sharing that.
    You should do that more often. It's always great for your readers who want to go there and also great promotion for the shops. (^_^)

    y u k u .

    1. Oh!? You will be in Japan at summer? When will you be there?

      I will do my best~ I already have a small list of places to visit in Tokyo! Not everyone has similar store preferences to me. (_ _ ) I dislike girly-girl shops like Liz Lisa etc, so I'd never be all 'GO THERE!' oops~

    2. I've no clue. (^^;)
      And actually I'm not sure yet if I really will be able to go there...
      But a friend of mine asked me to accompany him when he (if he!) go there to do his fire show (he's a fire-breather) for a friend from there he learned knowing through the net. (o◡o)

      Oh.. I guess that doesn't matter too much.
      If people are quite interested in eg. gyaru they'll search for those stores on their own... (o◡˞)
      Also because Liz Lisa (eg.) seems much, much more popular than B Be Bee.
      Your 'reviews' turn into kinda... inside tips then, don't they?

  2. you all looks so cute,adore this creepy teddy bear ^^

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    This is my blog.
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    Thank you so much.