30 August 2012

♪( ´▽`) BBQ ~

Aug 16 2012: Well today was off to a slow start - around evening I was mailed to get ready since we were going out to shop for supplies for tomorrow (and to pick up my charger). Piling into a car we drove around Yokohama visiting various supermarkets for food. I was surprised because I had never been into supermarket in Japan. So seeing all the variety of food and household goods was rather a good experience.
We headed back before leaving again to go get food since I really wanted ramen, they were trying to find a suitable place. In the end we went to the same restaurant I went to previously so all was good~
I had a drinking game with my Mizuki's Girlfriend, but she won me. ヾ(`д´●)ノ So then my Boyfriend and Mizuki had a drinking game, and my Boyfriend won! Only then we played 'revenge' and I was beaten again. (;´Д`) It didn't help I had ate a bunch so I was already bloated, and Japanese beer is s gassy!!
Drinking with them is always so fun. I get asked a bunch of questions and at one point they were telling me to kiss my Boyfriend, but I'm too shy for that! Noo~ we headed back home, pit stopping at a conbini for melon pan, hnnghn.
Aug 17 2012: My first ever Japanese BBQ. ψ(`∇´)ψ It was an early start, leaving at 9am and arriving at around noon because we stopped off for meat etc. It was extremely hot - and yes I got incredible sunburn on my back too. Curses.. It took us awhile to get the BBQ started but we did it! Everyone arrived eventually! It was fun seeing everyone together again and I even made a new Friend. She was sweet, I do hope to meet her again sometime. We ate so much and drank all again, I was given an alcoholic melon drink, it was delicious.
Later! There was a small waterfight that broke out, I have a video of it and basically they ganged up on the poor girl! Sad~ so I tried to get my own back for her which resulted in her hiding behind me and us shrieking -- for some reason my Boyfriend came over to put ice in all our drinks, for each drink he put an ice cube down your shirt. So I put one down his shorts while hugging him - I was influenced.
The area we were sat in was rather scenic and beautiful, and you grew adjusted to the insane cry of the cicada there too. I did want to walk around exploring, but the heat was immense that the slightest movement made you sweat. I think when I am back in England, I will appreciate the weather - just a little more.
Eventually we headed home to sleep off the food and beer before meeting up with everyone again later that evening for fireworks! We had so many!
It was a really fun night, once we were done we headed back for food and more drinking! I couldn't believe how they manage to drink so much!! But it was fun - and the food was delicious. It kinda makes me realise I am a hopeless in the kitchen and I want to improve on that!
Well, here's a complimentary photo on me trying not to set fire to the whole of Japan like the pyromaniac I am.


  1. hehehe! your just unlucky that day in your game.. and you must be drank?! hahaha! you really have so much fun dear! i enjoy reading your post!
    Have a sweet and brilliant day!!
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    1. Thank you for the lovely comment!
      Luckily it was sunny~ so our clothes soon dried. Actually the cool water was really refreshing.

      ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I will go visit your blog!
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