25 August 2012

☆ Yokohama Bay ☆

Aug 13 2012: Today after work, my Boyfriend decided we should go out on a date, just the two of us -- aww, sweet! (there was also another hanabi festival close, but we found out it was canceled because of the wind) He never said where we were going, he seems a pro at doing that. But once I spotted the big ferris wheel I knew where we were → !!
It was rather romantic and I had wished I had taken more photos of the surrounding area, so I'll be sure to return again before I go back to England, hopefully. It was a good place for gift shopping inside the shopping area. We spent some time deciding on where to eat and settled for a Mexican Restaurant which was delicious. I had a chicken tortilla, never had I considered putting rice with the chicken, so I must introduce that to the family, it certainly bulks out the meal well too. After we ate we took a slow walk around an arcade, winning a set of Kapibarasan keychains. Cute~ (`・ω・´)

Aug 14 2012: This day was actually rather slow and pointless, but we headed out for a meal and ended up bumping into Natsu and her partner. Natsu is so pretty without make up. (_ _ ) While we were sat eating, her partner kept hiding and bobbing his head up and down behind the frosted part of the glass. I'm glad I wasn't facing the glass, otherwise I'd have choked on my drink. (;´Д`A

I am a little behind on blogging, though I only have two more entries to type up however I suspect they're going to be lengthy ones too. Even though from the 18th on, I gained an ear infection and as a result rather cranky and miserable.

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