22 August 2012

♥ Group Date! ☆

Aug 10 2012: Katie had sent an email the previous day asking if my Boyfriend and I wanted to go to a Hanabi Festival. Luckily, the boys had exchanged numbers and before we knew it, they were on the phone together. So it was a set date! He arrived home early that day and we took the train to Shibuya before changing to the Ginza line.
We had a cute moment, because my Boy is not a Tokyo Boy, he often gets lost, so I had to direct him to the Ginza line - Oh I missed you Ginza line.
We were actually late for the majority of Fireworks, despite this being Tokyo's BIGGEST display of over 10,000 Fireworks, uggh we managed to catch the end before finding Katie. When we arrived Chibi was there with his Friend and his Girlfriend. So it made it a triple group date!  Eventually we swam through the crowds of people, literally it was impossible, before getting more beer and sitting down to eat. (Due to certain reasons I cannot upload various photos, mainly because Katie will have a fit at me.( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ww)
While eating and drinking, Boy had a call, and before long the Vocalist to his band arrived also. A quadruple date!? We moved along and sat out on a wall, eating and drinking. It's all I seem to be doing as of recently. We ended up getting some more beers and this terrible, terrible grapefruit drink that I forced myself to drink, luckily I could mask the flavour with FREE yakisoba. Mm~~ ( 'ω' 三 'ω' ) Such a pig, I ate everyones, again.
For some reason, we started to walk again, and I got picture happy too, but it shows everyone in a cute line, coincidentally we were all, Girls Left, Boys Right. Before long, Katie had to depart with Chibi and his Friends, and I was left with the Boy and his Friend. However Natsu was very sweet, and we would talk occasionally. I remember at one point I asked where she got her bear from because it was cute, I expected her partner to have got it her, but no. Bad boy~ I recognised one area, which was Harajuku but walking it at night is so EMPTY. Natsu and I went to the bathroom in McDonalds, when we returned we were given -- I DON'T EVEN KNOW. I was so confused and drunk but I drank/ate it anyway. The reason WHY I was confused? My Boyfriend kept telling me 'vinegar' but it tasted NOTHING like vinegar. So I asked him 'vanilla?' No. We got into a loud debate and even his Friend joined in, it was so unfair!!
The train ride home I was in stitches because Natsu was copying some of the faces of the sleeping passengers, and then when her partner joined in it got even more hilarious. At one point he started headbanging because the young woman near us was nodding her head so violently while asleep. ( ̄▽ ̄)
We were going to head for purikura, but by the time we arrived back at Yokohama, it was shut!! Thankfully, somewhat - drunk Purikura always looks bad right? Yes..

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