20 August 2012

☆ Ice Cream + Monsters ☆

Aug 5 2012: Today we ventured out together, at first I wasn't aware of where we were going during the day. So I remained in a confused sort of trans, trying to make the best of memorising certain train stops. Eventually he told me where we were heading on this mystery tour. 'Sunshine City' !! Which I had previously been to before mentioned here. So I was certainly thrilled to be going again. Katie and Ku had mentioned Ice Cream City and I guess the Boy took note of this place. Adorable~

We arrived at Sunshine City with ease, me being the navigator this time. With a sigh of relief at the air conditioning we decided to take our walk slowly up towards Namja Town which is an adorable Cat themed amusement park. Inside there is the Ice Cream City host of many bizarre and wonderful ice cream flavours. The prices range between 300yen to 500yen each which can seem a lot for a tiny pot of ice cream in many peoples opinions. However we even struggled to eat the GOOD flavour.
We decided to pick at least one BAD flavour, which was 'crab' / カニ and -- to be honest it wasn't that bad, it just left a VERY fishy after taste. But it included little chunks of crab meat in, so it was very -- interesting. My Boyfriend picked a double cheese flavoured one which was interesting, it had a kind of sour cheesecake taste, but definitely not one for me. Oh course 'melon' / メロン was for me. I've also adopted the pet name メロンちゃん (melon-chan) from the Boy.
After making our own concoction of flavours which included melon + double cheese = melon cheese cake. Which - was actually nice! Except I hate cheese cake. We also tried crab + double cheese = NO! NO MORE KANI!!
We went to browse around since we had plenty of time to kill before meeting everyone again, so we went window shopping. There were a couple things I wanted but I knew I would die carrying them around with me. Finally we made a pit stop at an arcade which is pretty much my biggest pitfall. There was a machine full of cute Disney soft plush and of course, I saw Stitch. I hadn't any 100yen coins so I used 500yen which gained me 6 goes. I won a total of five times with one coin!! I was so happy. Even my Boyfriend was amazed, since he is not good at them, boo. I love the little Stitch coin purse, so handy.
We went to the second floor to take purikura too. It was so cute!! Though we eventually we headed back outside to wait for everyone since our next destination was right next door at the Lock Up!
It's a themed Bar and Restaurant which is simply so amazing. If you like your horror and being scared while you're in the middle of dining, this place is the best place to go. Of course!! You do get a rather loud warning when the Monsters escape, sirens and heavy music plays and then you hear shrieks of tables close by.
We met everyone outside, this time Yoshi had brought along his Friend Shu, so it was roughly the same people as the previous night, all except Drummer Boy. Arriving after much torment we were greeted by a scantly dressed Police Woman, who handcuffed Katie and lead us to our table for our first rounds of drinks. I had apple sour, same as Katie, and Ku - I forgot what she had but it was glowing under the UV light, epic.
Once everyone was comfortable - and the Monsters had been captured, we ate and talked a lot which became a debate of how to pronounce certain words. Ku being American pronounce certain syllables which Katie and I don't pronounce, which then ended up with the Japanese cutting in with their Engrish, which resulted us in tears and mainly screaming 'Fuck the Police' and Katie recording it. She actually managed to get the Boy saying it too! Haha!! We drank so much, but with each round, another round of food came, and then slices of melon, I'm not sure how I remembered the melon but I ended up eating nearly everyones... uh.
It was declared we go and take purikura before the last train. How do you get seven drunk idiots into a purikura machine? You don't. ┐('~`;)┌
We were close to missing our last train, so the Boy and I literally sprinted across Shinjuku, and dear God, if it wasn't for me pretty much colliding with Shu and gripping onto him, I'd be in a Hospital bed from running into traffic. But the running didn't stop there, it was like torture because of how tipsy and drunk we all were. Uggh, but it was such a fun night!! I loved it, and the memories of this day.


  1. Sounds like a hell lot of fun. :D
    I really enjoyed reading... (;

    1. It was a lot of fun!
      Thank you for reading~~ always!