27 April 2011

(๑╹ω╹๑ )

Name: Ali ヾ(* ′エ`*)ノ // アリ☆ぴんぴ娘

Location: England / Japan.

Loves: my partner, fashion, colours, gachapin, candy, japan
Hates: rain, self centered people, liars, bitter tastes

Hobbies: blogging,  sleeping, teaching english to boo,
studying pointless japanese phrases, baking, travel.

Blog Content: personal thoughts, shopping GETS!, work, etc --
my blog doesn't have a set theme, please enjoy the show!
please excuse the romance, and admire my ignorance.
PIECElang ♪ コドモドラゴン ♪ N@H ♪ Zip.er 
 ASTRO BOY ♪ 「東京指定」 ♪ LANDZ  ♪ ν[NEU] 
Interested in other music? Visit here @ LastFM

Style: Listen Flavor, CO&LU, WC, galaxxxy, Monomania,
anything cute, colourful or creative.
Influences: DJ☆ぴんぴん, 川端かなこ, ゆっけ@MNA,
Maimai,  あきぷー,聖-sei-@VoW
a lot of street snaps also encourage my style.

Contact: kazukeii@hotmail.com

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