2 September 2013

☆ September Start ☆

It is already September, I am a little shocked how fast this year is passing by! Next month it is my Birthday month! As well as Halloween month! Yes!  \(^O^)/
This post is going to be a little mish-mash, I have been meaning to post these things awhile ago but unfortunately, two other items are still in the post, and by the time they arrive I not have the motivation - and will probably have erased the photos from my phone. 

Anyway a long-long time ago I went to visit my Friend, Sako. I am on a major hunt to find shorts, and NO WHERE is selling any within my price range. Even Primark are selling these odd 'carpet attachment pube tassle' shorts, gross. So we gave up, but I did spot one or two things but the queues in Primark are horrible and long, and full of Children and loud People, so no. I decided to go shopping in my home town and I found all the items I wanted, plus more, well - still no shorts. 
 Footless tights, which are slashed looking. I have similar leggings but maybe tights will be more comfortable. I also found 'knee high' socks. I've worn one pair, washed said pair, and they pretty much shrunk in the wash to mid-calf/ankle high, what the hell. (_ _ |||) Yeah I actually shouldn't be spending unwisely on items, but it's so difficult to resist anything with polka dots or cat faces. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
/insert iliterate keysmash and demonic sound

Isn't it so cute?! Okay so Primark are falling on that bandwagon of over using Cat faces, Unicorns.. WOT. There are so many pieces I want from Primark, and I'm just sat sniffling at my bank balance. Which is dead.
I did also buy myself a new book, which is really useful for anyone learning Japanese and can't quite grasp particles. Which within the first page I also learnt there are over 70 particles featured in this book. EH?! Luckily there are over 200 examples of how to use said particles. ‹‹\(´ω` )/››‹‹\(  ´)/›› ‹‹\( ´ω`)/››

What books do you find useful for studying Japanese?
[Personal] Oh and also, I am not dying! Σ(゚д゚lll) I have good news after all! Aside from weight gain which I cannot gain because my metabolism is so.. good? I discovered there was a cyst near/on my ovary. Apparently these are really common in Women (well, who else?) and mine had become inflamed and rather angry. Apprently 'he' was 3CM, which sounds small, but dude it's scary!! I'm happy that it cured itself too without any operation, as they naturally come and go, a lot of women aren't even aware. So Girls, always consider going to your Doctor if you feel or think something is not quite right? (T 3 T) Weh~~

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  1. the cat tee is so purrfect!!!!! Happy birthday in advance!♡

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