1 June 2012

(〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ Gets:

It's finally June! We are half way through the year already, crazy. Eventually my items arrived, but I collected a whole bunch to make the post worthwhile. So it's super image heavy and wordy too..
Recently I've been having really bad break outs, and I still had a gift voucher to use at Boots, so I thought I would try something 'new' in my skin routine. I quote new, because I have used witch previously as a teen and found it does in fact work wonderfully. The concealer stick was on sale too! So I snagged it up quickly mainly because, yes we all know it's bad to put make up on bad skin, but we all still do it. However this concealer has witch hazel in it, so not only does it hide your spots it helps to fight them! You can use it alone, or as a base beneath your foundation, so you don't need to worry about it looking patchy. Witch has a large range of items for skin care, it's a natural product too so you know you're not completely using harsh chemicals on your skin. Anyway, enough about spots and pimples.

Movies! My Parents had 4x £20 gift cards to use in HMV and I cheekily asked if I could have one, so they were divided out between me and my Brother as well as our parents, so I had yet another voucher to play with. I ended up buying the Ring trilogy, and I admit I kinda regret it since I've seen it so many times. I also picked up END CALL since I was curious, I couldn't find One Missed Call, and I thought that this was a really bad parody, but in fact it did make me and my Brother squirm at some points! Eugh. The ending however was sad, and slightly unexpected. But I do recommend it to my readers who are interested in - mild gore. Oh, I had a couple pounds left to use, so I ended up getting the scariest of all movies. Scary, Tamagotchi the Movie. WHAT ON EARTH. I love Tamagotchi, okay?
The weather here suddenly increased and the last week was unbearably hot. Which is good for me, since I now learned to complain about the heat to my Boo, rather than the cold! I had some money rolling around in my Paypal, and I needed some new things for summer, and when I go to visit Boo. I love finding Shops from Hong Kong who sell for cheap, and ship for free! Wonderful, even if you have to wait 2 - 3 weeks! 
I accidentally ruined a nice pair of stockings, but Katie gave me a good idea to cut them - but my plan was halted, I didn't have a garter belt. So I found a Shop selling them for less than £2, the same shop had the collagen eyepads you see on the right. Amazingly my sleeping pattern has gone to pot, so I have serious dark circles and I'm not happy at all with my appearance. Oh from the same shop I purchased a scarf - yeah in the middle of summer, but actually, it's really thin and light, and it's pictured above! Black stars and white~ it's so cute, but was impossible to photograph alone, so - yeah. 
So, I was a little bad, and impulsed, but they were selling really cheap on eBay by a private auction, and I was expecting to be outbid at just £10. Apparently not. But this RRP at £50+ so I got a wonderful bargain. But they are in ear plugs, haha crap. I dislike them it sounds badly like I am drowning or something.
Oh and FINALLY; my "speaker" arrived this morning via a very grumpy postman! It's a Koala, I asked for the bear originally because he looked like Rilakkuma, but after starring at this little marsupial he has grown on me!!
Best of all, he was FREE!! (Well, he actually cost me around £600) Basically the entertainment system on my flight back from Japan screwed up - well mine WAS working, until they rebooted the whole row, and mine failed. So British Airways gave us a £30 gift voucher to use as compensation and an apology. After searching the store, this was the only item I liked. (It was so expensive, a keychain cost £50?!) So this was £28 - he's small and handbag sized, but I was sceptical of how well it would sound? But - it sounds AMAZING! Very powerful speakers, and no echo feed back. Perfect, time to bug everyone in Tokyo.
Well, that's all really. I'm waiting on one more package, and that's just it for now. Next Wednesday I am going to visit the Queen, as well as Will and Kate. The Royals are coming to my City, so Sako and I will go to see if we can see them! Next week I will begin studying intensively. Even if I have to staple a book to my face and sew a pen into my hand! Wish me luck!


  1. Very nice gets! I also have a few packages on the way☆It's nice to have some things like these to look forward to (*・ω・*)
    The scarf is so cute! I love anything that has stars on it.

    I accidentally saw the Queen when I went to London two years ago. My parents and I went to visit Buckingham Palace. When we got there, there were a lot of cameras and it was really crowded. Suddenly some car drove by very fast and apparently the Queen was in it (笑)

    Good luck on studying! (*`・ω・´*)b I only have three more weeks to go of tough tests and doing bunches of homework. I really can't wait to start my holidays!

    1. Thank you! (´∀`) I love the scarf also! They had it in black with white stars also!

      Lucky! I've been to Buckingham Palace too, but we saw the Guards change over. Very amazing~

      ( ´Д`) Thank you! I really need to study hard, but I'm taking my books to JP anyway. (笑) Last minute study! Good luck on your tests also~!