24 July 2012

(っ´∀`)っ Isle of Wight


I recently went to Isle of Wight on a family holiday! It was much needed after previous events back home, and the change of scenery was relaxing. Even though the weather wasn't great and was typically British, sun in the morning, wind and rain in the afternoon and finally rain or a light mist. So I couldn't really dress well at all, regardless to the fact it is now officially summer, I wore my scarf a lot. The only nice days I captured on camera were actually cold and windy, but yet people still insisted on going into the sea.
My Father had previously been to Isle of Wight, but as a child, so we went to visit a lot of the places he could recall. One of those things happened to be a Train. It travelled along the pier into the middle of the ocean. At first I thought, there was another train connecting it back to the bottom of Britain as Isle of Wight is a small part of the UK just a  very small isle, but no. It was basically a train to the middle of the ocean, and yes. Yes I was scared because of my phobia for ocean water and what is in the water -- gah. We decided to walk back inshore, which was still rather uncomfortable and I started with the, 'What if?!' situations. Anyway I obviously made it back alive. The train line had the original line next to it, albeit the wooden structure. Urban Ocean?

I had such a nice time away with my Family, even if they drive me nuts towards the end of the week. But I had a great experience, travelling on a Ferry, a floating bridge (don't ask), and lots more~! I haven't completed any of my gift ideas for my Boo yet, although I got his Sister the CUTEST plushie ever. It's tag says 'Nacho' but I'm going to hand it and say 'Chibi!' or point to the dog, and hope she doesn't give it him... I also got him a sand glass sculpture, so it'll be hard explaining that one in Japanese to him when he receives it. When returning home I was excited to fetch my Cats, I miss Mia so much! Not only that, but this Thursday we are rehoming a new cat, called Sam! He's beautiful, big black panther. The only downside to coming home is facing the reality all over again, oh well~

Have any of my readers been on a vacation recently?! Or are going? I want to hear!


  1. Sounds like you had fun!
    I'd love a small break - been nearly 11 years since i went on holiday. >.<

    1. Ouch! That's a long time! :C
      It's kind of, annual for my Family to go away together.

  2. I want some vacation too. >_<

    Really nice photos ^^

    1. Aww maybe one day!?

      Thank you! It was hard to pick.