15 May 2013

★ Kanazawa Zoo ♫

We went on a day trip to Kanazawa Zoo in Yokohama! Wehh~ Zoo! The weather was amazing for it too, and we went with my Boyfriend's Mother and his Sister, so it was a fun drive there. I realised that Kanazawa Zoo is situated in the same area as the BBQ we had last year. So it was nice to be in an area I was familiar with.
The Zoo itself is really scenic and to be honest, you wouldn't feel like you were in a Zoo with how green it was. Nothing like rows and rows of cages like some of the Zoos I have visited. The only disappointment; NO FISHES. I love aquariums and I was sad to not see one here. They did have a Bug section however, uggh those Japanese rhinoceros beetles will carry me away captive! Like most, if not all Zoos, they have a sign, naming the animal, where it is from originally as well as a couple fun facts. Thankfully they provide signs in Japanese and English too! It was fun learning the Japanese names, but sadly nothing has stuck; aside from 'Ramu' for Ram, uh.. Anyway! The Zoo itself was split into four areas: America - Eurasia - Oceania and Africa. It's pretty hilly, built in order to preserve a natural habitat for some of the Animals living there, but don't worry there are drinking water fountains on every corner and occasionally you come across a Cafe or food vendor. (I cried for shaved ice but Japanese eating + walking rules make me sob more)
Here is the link to the OHP in English! http://www2.kanazawa-zoo.org/english/
It gives you a full description of the Zoo itself! Location, travel and prices. It's super cheap, considering prices in the UK I've seen. Oh and because it was Golden week, and a bunch of other Festivals happening; there were giant fishes, or 'koinobori' which are used as decoration during Children's Day.


  1. Oh wow, that looks like so much fun! I love zoos and aquariums! I wish I had time to visit a zoo while I was in Japan....


    1. It was great! (^ω^) Maybe you can visit one next time?