2 April 2014

April Announcement!

   I missed the chance to create a blog on Mother's Day, and I was going to make a blog YESTERDAY, but after realising the date I thought it would be better to wait till after the Day of Fools. Right now I am full of cold, even though Spring has finally begun here in Japan and the cherry blossom are finally out! My area however does not have anything grand to look at, well nothing I have discovered -- yet.
   So, Mother's Day is in March for us British folk, and even though I am in Japan I still sent my Mother something home, I sent her a custom card (thank you MoonPig) and she was delighted with them. Yesterday I managed to send her a little extra for Mother's Day, although it was late, it's been difficult preparing her something, however over the last 3 months I have managed to finally get it done.
   Cute huh? Unfortunately for me, Japan doesn't celebrate Mother's Day until May (I believe, please correct me if I am wrong) and by now you are probably wondering where this is heading, with that strange assumption, you are probably right. ASIDE from the fact actually buying Mother's Day related items is difficult when Mother's Day is celebrated in different months, I couldn't actually celebrate it myself - yes myself. I have an announcement to make, thus the dates this blog is posted on needed to work right (ie; is she lying?). I have a Son, who is going on 12 weeks tomorrow. Those who follow Facebook/Instagram will have known about him since January a few weeks after his Birth. For our own privacy and personal reasons, his online alias is Bug or occasionally Lil Mix since his Daddy is Japanese. Why Bug? Because after awhile he was no longer a "Jellybean" and I was often feeling sick hence BUG.
   My entire pregnancy was a secret until he arrived - only two Friends knew, and our Family. So yeah, no Facebook updates, nothing, the whole thing was a secret so many of my Friends were shocked! I did drop hints here and there, hospital visits were mentioned, my weight gain wasn't so efficient so I often complained about that, however people assumed I was sick - SORRY. I will in the future blog about my progress, and answer any questions in comments.
   For now, my Motherhood duties are being taken one step at a time, and boy is it a big challenge in a country that is not my home, so there may be a few posts about how I cope with this, the differences (trust me, there are a LOT) and why I chose to have him in Japan away from my Family. But other than that the blog will remain it's usual non-existing consistency of nonsense, especially since cherry blossom season is out, I have a cute sakura blog in the making.


  1. Well congrats! I was gonna say let's hang out but I bet you're mighty busy these days.

    1. Thank you!
      Aww, maybe in a few months when things are more stable (and I am less zombie looking)! :)

  2. Wow! That would b interesting! I would be looking forward to it! :)