21 April 2014

Happy Easter (*・ω・*)


A day late, but we had a free day yesterday and while the weather was nice I didn't want to waste time blogging in front of my Mr.
The sakura season is already over, it doesn't last very long but we went to view the sakura during the evening and eat a lot of street food. We also played games and won some fish! Because of how busy the streets are during these events we didn't take Bug so unfortunately he missed out this year. Because sakura and cherry blossom viewing is so popular in Japan, a lot of themed items are released, all limited to the duration of the season. McDonald's is one franchise which hops on board the sakura theme market. The bun was pink - whether or not it was naturally coloured or artificially, I didn't really care. It had a super sweet taste and the bun itself was sweet.. oddly I wasn't very fond of it!
My Parents sent me a parcel, though it was full of goodies for Bug! He got a cute little hat and some shoes. My Mother also included some teething gel, though he is only a few months old he is starting to chomp down on EVERYTHING and gets very upset if he isn't chomping on his fingers - which leads to soggy hands, soggy clothes, soggy everything! Cute huh? I also don't know what products are available in Japan, ones that I can understand fully so we start to mix in a bit of English for my own sanity. On Saturday he reached his 100th Day after Birth which in Japan is a special milestone for Babies, so I will blog about it next time.


  1. A pink bun sounds like it would look gross!
    The shoes and hat are so cute! I remember rusks from when my brothers and sisters were little. I'm happy to hear that Bug is doing well~

    1. It was sweet and sticky.. along with the sauce it ended up really soggy too! Not a good meal.
      Rusks are amazing! All Babies should experience rusks haha!

  2. アりちゃん久しぶり ^0^y I haven't had time to read blog updates for ages and just found out about you being a mommy~ what a sweet surprise, congratulations❤

  3. I really love your blog. So cute.
    Bai, Shiki