7 January 2013

★ SpaM ★

I never really posted a full "update" from Christmas, and after reading many peoples blogs about their presents and gifts; maybe I should? I didn't get an extreme amount of presents, it's notorious, the older you get, the less presents you get; unless of course you have incredibly wealthy parents. I asked for two things this year: a camera (well I don't have a photo of that, but it's a beautful white Nikon waiting for me to attack it with stickers) and the full set of Pirates of the Caribean movies.
Which, speaking of Pirates, I am actually excited for Johnny Depp's star role in the new movie, Lone Ranger. Anyway I digress!! Here are the few of my goodies:
 ★ Pyjama, admittedly I haven't had a new SET since... I forget. But I tend to buy sleep shorts only, or lounge pants - yeah I sleep in band shirts.
 ★ Only Yesterday DVD, who cannot love Studio Ghibli movies? My Brother got me this and we watched it Christmas Day together. Such a cute story.
 ★ Watermelon purse, such a hippy and natural organic material, again from my Brother. I might store my camera inside it or coins. 
 ★ BITS N PIECE: I randomly got lip balm that is coca cola, it tastes nothing like coca cola yet it's official. WOT. Touch screen gloves, I was skeptical but -- THEY WORK! I also got a little bear ring from my Brother. A calender from my Grandma and a bunch of chocolates. 
Additionally I also got a cold and mild chest infection, thank you Mother!

Yeah I am only just recovering and last night I managed to sleep in my own bed. The last few nights I have slept downstairs because my coughing fits were terrible and I felt like I was keeping people awake! I also 'overdosed' on vitamins and my body decided to try and flush everything out, talk about fever!! So we didn't have a very enjoyable start to the new year,  so here is hoping 2014 will be better HAH.
I recently asked for a custom chibi order! I am so excited to receive it, I will do a blog post when I do, linking you to the page where I got it done and photos. I have to be careful because one of the chibi order is for my Friend in Japan. She's a massive fan of DELeTE too! But I am so excited for them to arrive!
2013 GOALS
★ Visit the Boyfriend! It has to happen, I'm on a near break down and I want to see him again! Although we had a small conversation and it seems he wants to come to England for "Summer". I just need to encourage him to get his passport now.
★ Save up as much money possible, with a Job of course. Because it's getting really irritable and I looked today at the line of work avaliable and it is slim. But I am keeping my chin up. But then I will focus on a working visa in Japan for WHENEVER.
★ Japanese. I'm sure I am repeating last years goals I aimed to achieve. Originally I had said: 'Learn one kanji a day' because I have over 300 kanji flash cards nows, so that is one a day (albeit a few days of non-study right?)
★ Spend quality time with Friends, in Japan and the UK. I really miss my Friends in Japan and when I go back we are going to celebrate Christmas together. I do have everyones gifts - apart from Mi-chan, but I have a rough idea!


  1. Take care of your health please ;__; <3

    Well, great presents, really *_*!!

    And what I wanted to ask...where does your boyfriend live? o.o

    1. Thank you! I will do my best. (。・ω・。)
      I was happy with the selection of presents!

      Also, he lives in Japan. I currently live in the UK, so yes, it's a long distance relationship (LDR) OTL

  2. good luck on your goals! :)


  3. I know you already shared your resolutions with us... But I tagged you anyway.
    I hope it doesn't bother you... /: