29 January 2013

(´∀`) Tagged

I am super bored; and feeling incredibly lazy.. I was supposed to blog about something worth reading that I found interesting, but I've hit a creative block. English is no longer my native language; I just want to gurgle and sleep in my blanket cocoon.

I got tagged by Mana! Thanks~

25 Questions'-tag :

1. Do you have any pets?
In England; 4 Cats + 1 Fish.
U。・ェ・。U My Boyfriend has a dog; it is mine.. forever.

2. 3 things you see at the moment :
My phone, cheki and diary. (*^o^*)

3.How is the weather?
Today is warmer than it has been in a while; but it's cloudy, windy and did rain.

4.Do you have a driving-license?
No~ (・з・)

5.When did you wake up today?
Uh; first time around 5am to reply to a MSG. Then 7am, and finally 8am. (* ̄・ ̄)ノ

6. Last shower?

7.Last Movie?
ALIEN on the TV

8.Your latest text-message?
From my Uncle asking about Japanese music.

9.Which ringtone do you have?
DELeTE - Transplant, because reasons.

10.Did you ever been to a foreign country?
Japan; though pit stops in China and Qatar.

11. Love sushi?
(ノ=´∀`=)ノLOVE♪ I am demanding my Boyfriend brings me some!

12.Your favourite supermarket?
I don't really have a favourite.

13. Did you ever take some sleeping tablets?

14. How many siblings?
One younger brother.

15. Computer or notebook?
I have both. ヽ(*´з`*)ノ

16. Which age you will reach on your next birthday?

17.Glasses or lenses?
I have glasses, and wear lenses.

18. Dying your hair?
Previously; yes.

19. Any plans for today?
I went to the post office; how exciting. I also studied a little bit.

20. When did you cry the last time?
Uh; October.

21. Best Pizza covering?

22. Hamburger or Cheeseburger?

23. Did you had an allnighter?
23. Have you ever done an allnighter?
... ENGLISH PLZ. But I try to avoid allnighters.

24. Eyecolor?
Hazel; which confuses my Japanese friends.  

25. Can you Cola and Pepsi tell apart from each other?
25. Can you tell Cola and Pepsi apart from one another?
Nope. However I do strongly dislike pepsi from a bottle.. Uhh? (-ェ-*)  

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