2 February 2013

(。・ω・。) FABruary

I got this blog idea from Sarah; who got the idea from someone else, anyone else see a pattern? Hopefully my post will inspire someone else? Who knows! Anyway; basically this post is looking back on January, as well as making goals for February.

If I am honest, I am glad that January is over with, I did very little in January, and nothing amazingly big that I can look back on and think 'Wow! Go me!' I did however meet Toni in town. Which is maybe the best and only good thing to happen in January. Seriously I can not even remember a single thing I did in January. Apart from it snowing, lots and lots - which everyone complained about, but I loved it. I love snow. It also snowed in Japan, so I had a couple videos sent from my Boyfriend. We also had a 'Snowman building competition' which, his were just two snowballs stacked on top of one another.

My ten February goals will mainly be Japanese focused, so maybe to you they are pointless.

☆ Learn one or more kanji a day: tricky but not impossible.
☆ Learn one or more 'daily words': sounds pointless, but really useful.
☆ Learn one or more useful phrases a week.
☆ Keep up with my studying.
☆ Save for my next trip! Difficult, I'm in a total slump and hate everything.
☆ Clean my room and rearrange certain things until I am happy.
☆ Fix my wardrobe: stupid flat pack wardrobes! The back fell off. 
☆ Help/Pester my Father to tidy the attic to gather jumble to sell.
☆ Skype at least ONCE with my Boyfriend and Friends.
☆ Stay happy with myself.

I think one must have this month is getting to sleep earlier and waking up earlier. But it's so tempting to sit around waiting for my Boyfriend to say 'GOOD MORNING!' before I say 'GOOD NIGHT!' (ノ∀\ )
Catching each other online the past few weeks has been very limited; and sometimes I wish we exchanged mail instead of Line messages because a whole paragraph in mail seems bigger; although we do talk a lot more via Line. But he is very busy with work and I need to understand that. Just one of the woes with having an LDR; my only complaint.

Recently I've been watching a Vlogger; and she is really becoming inspirational to me. Though I cannot explain how or why I like her videos either, because it's incredibly -- strange. Only a couple people know who I am talking about.
I also really wish Youtube allowed users to change their URL name.. I don't want to create a new channel, but I do want to start a vlog, perhaps. I feel full of motivation, but it's just not coming out as I want it to. Now I am so tired so; good night!

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