14 February 2013

(*ノωノ) Happy Valentines Day

(つ∀`*) Happy Valentine's Day~ To all my readers! (´ω`%)

I actually don't enjoy this day - but each to their own! Despite having a Boyfriend, I don't really 'celebrate' Valentine's Day and see it as one of the (many) pointless holidays the media says we should enjoy. Time will tell if my Boyfriend does believe in such a date; however he is Japanese so they sort of have 'two' Valentine's day. Valentine's is mostly Female giving a present to the male, and White Day is the reverse! Cute.

Anyway; here - there and everywhere I get questions about my Boyfriend, my relationship with him; etc etc. So I decided to answer a couple questions since the theme is all about 'love' and I usually grossly object to such thing, especially publicly. (My BFFLs know evurrrryting) 

1) How did you meet your Boyfriend?
Long story short - Internet, by chance that he noticed me. We agreed to meet in Japan last year of March. But things didn't turn official (I assume) until I got home in England when he asked if I had a Boyfriend or not. That is pretty much when everything became official.

2) First date and where?
(Actually, this question was 'have you ever been on a date?' since we are a LDR)
Our first 'date' was in March when we met, we went drinking in Shinjuku. We were limited for time, and we were super nervous so we hardly spoke much and used a phone to translate. He did however walk me to my train and tried to pay for my ticket -- sweet.

3) Favourite memory / date?
We have made many-many memories together! I couldn't name just one! Although the best memory would be the BBQ last summer. I finally officially became part of his Friendship circle, and I was able to see him as he is around his Friends. We also did fireworks this night too; and we did our best to make 'wishes'. 
Favourite date: perhaps the aquarium. It was so nice!! We laughed at so many of the strange fishes, and you know really, it's the little things that count. Also the town we passed through to get there was beautiful, it did feel like an English fishing dock and it honestly felt surreal!

4) What do you like and dislike about him?
I'll start with 'dislike' -- as most men, he has 'caveman syndrome'! If something is wrong or he is sick he will sulk in his cave. This will worry me because of the distance and I'm not there to help him. But I respect the fact cultural difference make this what it is.
What do I like -- EVERYTHING (apart from the above) he's so caring, if I ever said I had stomach ache; seriously, he would do anything possible to make me feel better. He will always do his best for everyone, I really admire his get-up-and-go attitude, it's inspirational.

5) What did his Parents / Family think of you when you met?
This will be lenghty but amusing. 
   To be honest actually; meeting his Family ended up disastrously! I arrived in Japan and we had to leave the Car at his Parents; his Mother was just leaving to walk the dog -- and then his Father came home from work. I was still sat in the car having some mild panic attack and EVERYTHING Japanese just exited my mind! I was not at all prepared to meet them so soon. I actually was fixed to my seat in fear until they had gone.
   Finally, I met his Brother and Sister; (same day) I panicked again. But this night I also met Kanako; she speaks English slightly so it was a very good ice breaker to our Friendship. His Brother and Sister are very sweet; and I commented on his Sisters harem pants to which she asked to go shopping. PANIC. 
   I agreed to go shopping only; we ended up at his Parents house - AGAIN, without my Boyfriend. I wanted to cry because I didn't want to be alone (I was with his Sister) however surprisingly, having the family pet with me eased me. Again, second meeting with his Parents and I looked shellshocked and scared. 
   EVENTUALLY; I did meet with them officially (numerous times) with my Boyfriend and EVERYTHING was good. They had known about me since March and seemed to want to meet me. His Mother asked a lot of questions; why I liked her son, as most Mothers do. But they really found me interesting as well as English culture. I really love his Family, and I couldn't thank them enough for everything they did.

There you have it~ I only answered five which are the most common. I have had various questions such as: language barrier, future, kinks/turn ons, kisses, his home, peeves, favourites this/that... I probably will focus on a language barrier question in the future, since it's one not only Friends ask, but Family too. One question I have gotten a couple times: 'Can I see a photo of you and him together?'
There.. now hush. I am only showing purikura because it makes my skin look better HAH.


  1. awww, you're both so cute and the story behind all is super cute!

  2. Really cute~ and I like the puri you made with him. ^^
    A really cute story... *__*

    1. Thank you! ヾ(*・ω・*)ノ
      We have so many puri; it's just getting around to scanning them and selecting ones which hide his face/eyes. ( Japanese and their privacy orz )

  3. One could really make a book out of this.
    It's so cute and you both look great together. (*´・v・)

    1. Oh my! Really?! (。・・。)?
      It certainly is a story to tell itself.
      Thank you!

  4. I completely agree with you, even worse is the girls that expect presents! Me & the boyfriend have never celebrated it, don't even bother buying each other actual 'gifts' because really it's pointless, more to life than gifts & money!

    You make a really cute couple, i love the photo :3 aww!


    1. He will give me gifts as and when it suites him~ which I like more because I know he's thought about it more that way than a 'media says I need to buy' reason!

      Thank you!(*´∀`*)♡

  5. This is actually pretty adorable, bless ya both honey <3

    1. D'aww! Thank you! ♡
      Never expected this post to be so popular! (;~;)