26 February 2013

☆ LINE Play ☆

I recently got hooked on a new mobile based game! It's called LINE Play and it's a lot like Ameba PIGG or Ameba PIGG life or those other PIGG games I fail to keep up to date with!
LINE Play is another game instalment from a Japanese based company called NAVER; which have released numerous games for users of LINE which is a messenger service enabling you free messages and calls; it's a bit like Skype however there isn't a video call option, but you are able to send a very small video as a message! LINE is massively expanding with plenty of games, cameras and more! o(≧▽≦)o
   LINE Play is an absolutely adorable game; you get to customise your Avatar to whatever your preference, you also can chose between beind a Human or "Anthro" (Human with Animal like qualities) Those who chose Anthro generally have no gender identity in the Game.
   Living in a virtual world means you also get to decorate your own house too!! I have come across a couple flaws when decorating the house, one major personal peeve would be the windows showing a changed scenery outside however the default lawn is still surrounding the house. Maybe in the future the game will expand? I hope so! (´ω`;)
   LINE Play has it's own currency called 'gems' which are easily earned by giving (and receiving) hearts at a simple tap of another players avatar. Your avatar may also request certain functions: sleep, eat, bathe or sit. Which you can do within your own home, or visit others. But don't worry! The avatar you visit will not see you bathing in their chocolate drill bathtub, (yes it is actually an item, and yes you bathe in chocolate). The gems are a slow income and considering most items cost 500 gems or more it can be a major pain in the ass. You can however use real money to buy game gems - depending on how much of a keen Gamer you are. A little patience goes a long way.
My avatar; yes, she is always grumpy.
My LINE invite is: GR-1803-4306 

   Please feel free to use my invite code! You will earn 1,000 gems for each code you input, remember how hard it is to earn gems? (`・ω・´)=3
   In this little virtual world you are given a diary by default. You can upload your own personal photos; snapshots of your avatar and write as you would in a diary. When you visit other houses you can write in their diary and leave 'stickers' for how interesting you find the post! Cute. (∩・o・∩) You can communicate with other users in the Chat Rooms; but I avoid these because they are usually a spam chain of people posting their invite code in hopes of making some gems easily. Maybe sometimes it's successful?

   Overall, LINE Play is a cute little avatar based game which is fun and great to pass the time with! (*ノω\*)♪ I want to introduce my Boyfriend to it, but I don't think he will have time for this game unless I force him to download it. (´Д` ) But for now, lets all play together.


  1. I've seen so many people giving out their invite codes and asking people to play! It looks mega cute, and I love PIGG so I might sign up to this~

    1. It's really addictive; most of LINE games are actually! Great to pass time too (*´ω`*)

  2. You are like... the third person in two days who [kinda] passed me their code and I'm still not 100% sure if I should play too... eheheh. (*ノ▽ノ)

    1. Aw! It's really addictive although last night I did not play so much. (_ _ ||)