13 February 2013

† RIP †

 †  RIP : Nancy  2013 2 11 †

To be honest; I don't think Nancy has had much fame or notice in my blog. Which is rather unfair but I know she was loved entirely by my Family and Friends! We knew the time would come, as with many Pet owners would know. The older your pet, the more worried you become for their health. Granted, Nancy is not our oldest cat, Milly is. Nancy was possibly not far from being 10, though she surpassed Sid's age who died previously last year.

Whenever a pet leaves you, it does leave a massive hole in your heart and lifestyle. Nancy was very social, it took her many years to become who she was, due to rehoming endlessly with her Brother she became very timid. Eventually we saw a new side to Nancy; friendly, curious and -- if you had food, she would be your best Friend! I really loved Nancy, if ever I went to bed early she would always come into my room as if to check on me and then curl up with me while watching Pirates.

Nancy had always had small problems, especially for an indoor cat, though she kept plodding along. Literally, Nancy was a fatty thus why my Dad often called her 'Nance-balls' due to her roundness, though she gradually lost a lot of weight but the Vets ruled it out as a problem, despite her becoming skin and bones she ate like a horse regardless but again the ruled out worms etc. Mystery. Her health deteriorated within a matter of a week which was heart breaking to witness because her last 24-48 hours were heart wrenching to see her how she was. The Vets confirmed numerous underlying problems; we knew she had thyroid problems but one issue led to another and even putting her on the operating table would not at all guarantee her recovery due to a weak heart. We sadly had to put her to sleep, it was the best choice for her due to the amount of pain she was in. I'm glad she can finally rest completely free of pain, though I will miss her.


  1. I still can't believe it :( -hugs- but like you said, at least she's pain free now.

    I hope you and the family are okay.

  2. Tut mir sehr leid. Letzten Sommer sind meine zwei kleinen Schildkröten gestorben, ich bin immernoch sehr traurig deswegen. Ich hoffe dir gehts bald besser..