3 February 2013

Setsubun 節分

(。・`ω´・。)<鬼は外! 福は内!!

Today in Japan is 'SETSUBUN' - while browsing my Twitter feed I noticed a couple of my Japanese Friends had tweeted "節分" and others had also followed the pattern so I was curious of course as I love Japan and I love learning new things!

So what is 'SETSUBUN'? - it roughly translates as "season" and "minute" which doesn't make much sense really; thought 'SETSUBUN' is to celebrate the last day before the start of Spring, slowly, it begins to make sense? It is celebrated yearly on February 3, in a sense you could call this 'Spring Cleaning' just the Japanese way.
Setsubun is actually a festival commonly known where occupants of a house will throw beans outside the door of the household. This ritual is called 'MAMEMAKI' (豆撒き) and it's believed to cleanse away the bad and ill health of the previous year, and to also drive away any more bad luck, thus making your year to come full of good will and health! Although this is not common in most households now; so many people now attend their local shrine or temple.
It is also customary to eat roasted soybeans; one for each year of your own life! For an extra pinch of luck, you are also welcome to eat one extra bean!

I didn't think my Boyfriend would do this, as I read many households it is not common, however I asked him more about this; and he said he did in fact do it, and asked we will do it one day together! How cute is that! I told him in England we don't have such interesting customary, and I don't think my Parents would appreciate me throwing beans outside the house and slamming doors on evil spirits.. so perhaps I will just tidy my room quietly to move the bad energy away.

You can read more about Setsubun at Wikipedia!

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