15 February 2012


ハッピーバレンタイン♥( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Happy Valentines Day!!
I am not usually one to celebrate Valentines Day, even while I was dating someone, I don't believe in it, but I fully respect others around me who do celebrate it. I hope all my readers & lovers had a wonderful day!
So how did I spend my day? Being chatted up by the Post Office worker, though he is a lovely old man. We ended up talking about Japan and asked me my reasons for liking it so much. It's a difficult question: I just do?
After that I went to Boots I have a voucher to use and abuse, initially I was going to buy make up - then I was stuck with, what kind do I really need? With my outbreaks recently, I don't want to put anything on my face unless necessary, and I really thought Boots would have face masks, but the one in town is so small. Instead I ended up with deodorant and Garnier 'Intensive 7 Days Ultra-Softening Lotion' - you can never have too many lotions and creams; apparently I do. 
Even though Town is rather small, there's still at least half a dozen second hand stores here that I like to visit. I did see a couple nice tops, but I will check back on Friday in hopes of it being there again.
Great Find! I love Moomins, so this was an wonderful find in the second hand store and for 50p too! Naturally I am a bargain hunter, RRP is £4.99 too!
Despite it being Valentines day, I did get a card from Toni which amused me so much. It sums me up rather well in a card, she even kindly reminded me how I am forever angry. I love you too, Toni. I also got some free samples from Nivea, though a little late on the 'New Years Resolution' right? 
There is an interesting story that follows, the envelope was addressed to 'Maggie Smith' - yes I opened mail addressed to someone else? But I know I applied online for some samples. When my Mother returned home I decided to show her, jokingly: 'Who the hell is Maggie?!' -- Then after a long pause she turned to me and said: 'Your Great Grandma was called Maggie.' Is this a bad or good omen? 
I also forgot to share the last post, I got my letter from Yuzu it was so cute! (Ignore the fail attempt at hiding postal details) It makes me cringe at how basic my parcel had been! She include a cute letter and a few small gifts.
Ahh~ even a photograph of Kanon too! I was so happy. Although a lot of people are more than aware of my undying love for him. In a few weeks I will write back~ it's nice to send and receive.
As you may have read in my last blog, I am the owner of DELeTE UK - however there was some incredibly bad news, so the past two days have been little more stressful than usual. (Thus the lateness in my Valentines Post) Basically their Guitarist Koki had gone missing, we all had last contact with him on the 10th and since then none had been made. His Friend, Renji was worrying himself sick too - the whole band as well. So they made blogs over at Ameba, asking Koki to respond, even if he wanted to withdraw from DELeTE, he didn't care, he just wanted to know Koki was safe.
It was pretty heart wrenching to have Renji apologise to me so many times, not only because of his bad English, but because he felt like he had betrayed fans and Staff. So it was just as difficult to respond to him, not knowing how to tell him how I felt about the situation. Though DELeTE are continuing, even though Koki is currently absent. According to DELeTE AUS, Koki has been located and is okay - but it's a rough translation. However I am still waiting for his return, both via Twitter and his Blog.
This is just an added 'bonus' of supporting smaller Japanese bands, they communicate more with their Fans, however the moment something bad happens - you feel powerless to help them.