8 February 2012

✌ Decoden + "Work"

Whoo~ Mail Gets! (=`・ω・´=) I am really into デコ電 / デコデン - or Decoden. It's a popular trend that originated in Japan, where many High School Girls would decorate their cellphones - MP3 players, gradually it expanded to the point they would decorate, make up brushes, mirrors, contact lens cases and even pens! Decoden has steadily increased popularity outside of Japan, to Korea, China, Europe and America.
Many Decoden pieces are made using multi coloured crystals - either acrylic or swarovski which can be super expensive, but super effective too! Some girls will either create their own pieces using metal or acrylic charms, while others will stick to only crystals and create a well known character! They range from flat bases - to 3D pieces which REALLY stand out in the crowd. Feeling creative? check this page!
I really wasn't content with my case, I own a Blackberry Curve and I did pick up a plain pink case for less than £3 from Tesco. (*ノωノ)チュキ but after a little less than a year I was already getting bored of it, and I had left it half finished also. As much as I love the 3D cases, they're a little clumpy to hold on to, and you can't put it down on the table very well unless you put it face first. (。-_-。)ノ
Since last year I had my eye on one case in particular - and despite my 'no spending' scheme, I caved and purchased  (。・ω・。)。*チュ・゜*キ*。・

It needed a little touching up, a couple gems were easy to remove and replace, while I added a few extras to fill in the gaps. Sadly I don't have a deep enough blue to fill in the most ANNOYING gap on Stitch's mouth.
My next decision was to pick which few straps I wanted to attach. Though I totally love my unofficial Stitch head, so he won! (ノ=´∀`=)ノ I'm still undecided about the other two, and then suddenly remembering the straps Juu had sent me!!
End result! Well; not 100% yet - I need to figure out when my contract has completed, then the next plan is to buy a new housing case, both pink and blue! Though there will still be some black, sadly that is unchangeable.
All in all, a good days work~  +。゚φ(・ω・*)+。゚
On a totally unrelated note - a very cheeky person by the name of Koki from DELeTE asked me to become UK Staff for his band. ♪ DELeTE STAFF UK ♪ I would love to see more UK Fans following the Twitter, and the boys too. There has been a sudden popularity surge with DELeTE - but the boys truly need it and are reaching out not only to their Japanese Fans, but Worldwide!
Renji (L) Koki (R)


  1. Ihave been into decoden lately too. started with a phone case then I'm doing my mirror and camera remote.

  2. It's really good - I would say relaxing but I never have a stable work area so something ends up on the floor.
    I'd love to see some of your pieces! (・ω・*)

  3. Wow so cute! Love your Stitch case & straps! xoxo

  4. Oh both the case and straps are so adorable! I'd be terrified of the case losing some gems though (><)
    I'm saving (ugh I'm saving for so many goals at the same time actually...) for a new phone now as my current one is broken. I think I'll buy an iPhone as my iPod got broken as well OTL They also have these cute cases for iPhone so that's great too (*・ω・*)

  5. @ オレリ: Thank you! x (o・ω・o)

    @ Ashley: I am a little worried. Everytime I put it into my purse/pocket.
    Ah! I wouldn't be able to live without my phone, as boring as it is for a BB. (=ω=) iPhones have amazing cases, jealous.