5 February 2012

❅ Snow! ❆ 雪 ❅

It snowed here in England! So wonderful but causes so much trouble. I'm pretty sure England was the last to get the snow in Europe, we have actually had it lightly considering the rest of Europe and temperatures as low as -36C! (*´∀`*) Brr~

Speaking of snow, my Father asked if I saw the News about Japan and the snow they are getting, at first I didn't believe him, but WOW, up to three and a half meters of snow?! That is scary. ( ノω-、) The sad thing is, most of the snow ploughs are on the opposite side of Japan removing rubble and debris from the disaster area of March 2011. I am hoping Japan will catch it's break sooner or later, they more than deserve it. (╥﹏╥)

Today my Family and I were supposed to be going for a meal to celebrate my Grandma's Birthday, and I was going to see my Aunt and Uncle again, so I was super excited to see them again! Also to catch up with my Uncle too, since I haven't mailed him. However the snow pretty much cancelled all our current plans. Which was a total bummer, since I had such a cute outfit too, so I will save that for another day to show off. As for now it will be a secret! ( ^▽^)σ)~0~)
Sid! He is always very curious, too curious. We left our shed open while clearing the drive and he decided to venture down into the snow. The snow on the trees was thawing out too so he ended up getting dripped on! Finally Sid wanted to come back up, but decided to dash along the middle of the garden! Cold paws! ⊂(゚Д゚⊂⌒`つ≡≡≡
Random pigeon in our badly chopped tree. Somehow doubting this tree will blossom in Spring this year, sadly. It looks too battered and there is no sign of any blossom buds either. Which totally just reminded me of my strawberry plants! (;´Д`) Ahh! Hopefully they not be too frozen and die. Well, I guess that is all I have to blog, I see a lot of 'Inspiration' blogs at the moment, but right now the buzz isn't reaching me.


  1. I do love snow~~ but it's so coold!

  2. OMG can't believe you guys got snow! We haven't had any so far since Xmas here in Scotland (o_O)

  3. Wow, no snow in Scotland!? We are sort of made to believe that Scotland is snowy 24/7.
    Guess it missed you in Scotland, despite weather reports saying the whole of the UK received snow.