20 February 2012

(*´ω`*) Places: #2 Harajuku

Next stop, Harajuku! During my trips to Tokyo I will always visit Harajuku more than once! It's just a short walk or train ride from Shibuya, conveniently placed between Shibuya and Shinjuku it's an easy place to locate. Harajuku is well known for it's street fashion and vibrant, visual style worldwide! It is a popular destination for young tourists who want to grab themselves some bargains. I tend to find Japan is ahead of the current fashion trends. While in Japan 2010/2011 the 'Norwegian print' was very hot, only to find a couple months later that shops in the UK were selling very similar. I also noticed the trend in furry boot covers too! Which were popular in Japan with Gyaru.
Takeshita Dori / 竹下通り is a very busy and lively pedestrian only street. Either side of the street you will see a variety of Japanese fashion shops. Amongst the fashion shops there is a variety of restaurants, cafes and even a wide selection of crepe stalls. Your trip along Takeshita Dori would not be complete without a delicious crepe! Takeshita Dori has such a variety of fashion stores that I would not be able to name just a couple without feeling like I had missed out other great names, so please browse the pictures here @Tokyo Fashion to get an idea of the wide selection Harajuku has to offer! There's also a cute little pet boutique hidden between various stalls. A popular chain I like to visit is called 'Closet Child' they sell a lot of second hand and new goods. There is always a big selection of well known Japanese brands for sale, everything from SEX POT ReVeNGe to Baby The Stars Shine Bright (a bad comparison). Located neatly in a corner of Takeshita Dori, Closet Child also owns a second hand store for Vivienne Westwood items, of course don't expect to find huge discounts on these second hand goods, it is Vivienne Westwood after all!
Closet Child, Harajuku also owns a store that sells Music Memorabilia! Which is popular amongst the Visual Kei lovers or those who enjoy JRock in general. You can pretty much find everything and any merchandise that is sold from past shows, or online shops which are no longer available. Closet Child is very much my guilty pleasure where I end up spending hundreds of pounds at a time on items such as cheki, tour goods and lots of CDs. Closet Child also sell rare FC goods, magazines both new and old and will even help unsigned bands get noticed by giving away free demo CD to customers. It's a very small but unlimited shop, the stock is always amazing and never fails to amaze!
Finally, I would like to add, Takeshita Dori is definitely not for those who dislike close spaces and a mass of people! Expect to be bumped into! Here the term, 'go with the flow' applies very well. However don't worry, usually people are not rude, so if you want to cross from one side to another, there will always be a chance to wade through the moving crowd.

Harajuku is a very fun and lively fashionable place, it's young culture is always refreshing the fashion scene with new trends, there is always something amazing no matter what kind of day it is, Harajuku will always breathe a breath of fresh air into the fashion world.


  1. I like reading these kind of blog posts as it excites me more to go >u<

  2. Aww! I feel this one was sloppily done in comparison to Akihabara. I failed to include a few things. May end up adjusting it sooner or later.

    1. Really? Well if you do change anything I'll still have a nosy :3 it relieves me to know about these places and where are the good spots etc
      even though the treasures are stumbling across them by accident, it still feels good to have a back up plan and someone else's knowledge behind you
      did any of that even make sense.....

    2. I will let you know.
      That's why I tried not to name many - if any - stores (aside from CC) - looking on Tokyo Fashion I just realised where PMA is also. Harajuku alone is a treasure map, it's just locating your favourite store that is the mission!
      Yes, I understood what you meant. Haha. x

  3. I really can't wait to go there! Hopefully I'll make it next year's summer☆
    These kind of entries are very interesting to read (・ω・)
    I'm sure I could easily spend a lot of money in just Closet Child if they sell even more in their store than they've got on their online shop.

  4. You can do it! ヽ(*`・ω・´*)ノ
    I believe the store does have a lot more than the online shop. In store there is a 300yen sale box too. Also a lot more merch, mainly small merch - pens, light sticks, pins, note books. So much more!