18 February 2012

(*´ω`*) Places: #1 Akihabara

Akihabara Denki Gai
Whenever I make a trip to Tokyo, I always try to visit Akihabara at least once! I recommend anyone with a young heart and mind to visit Akihabara. As the name suggests 'denki gai' meaning 'electric city', Akiba is well known for it's electrical goods and computers. (><*) Commonly however Akihabara is known mostly for the Anime - an Otaku's heaven. オタク - known as 'nerd' or a person with an obsessive interest to a certain theme and/or character. It's not a word to be thrown around lightly in Japan, however in Western cultures the phrase is very over used. (  ̄ー ̄)ノ
Akiba, like Tokyo is known for it's bright lights, loud music and bustling streets. The streets are often crowded with a variety of people, tourists, workers and general people who are shopping. Amongst the tourists you will often spot one or two groups of Maids. Between arcades and shopping malls there are a variety of Maid Cafe / メイドカフェ well hidden in the high rise buildings. Maid Cafe have been popular for over a decade now, and are very popular amongst the male population in Japan. It's considered a 'fetish' to some, as most Maid Cafe have a theme and sometimes embracing an Anime theme, in which your favourite 2D character suddenly becomes 3D! (〃^-^) Each Maid Cafe will have it's own theme to avoid a harsh competition, alas there are so many now in Akihabara that competition to get new customers is a heated battle of handing out fliers and tissue packs. As mentioned before, some Maid Cafe can be considered more of a 'fetish' place to be, increasingly a lot will now offer certain 'services' such as massages (as long as their guest remains clothed!). ( ・_・) Of course this is an extra charge on top of your already allotted paid time.
There are also many Arcades in Akihabara, and you don't have to be a kid to enjoy this lively and wonderful atmosphere! Arcades in Akihabara are again always located in a high rise building, with multiple levels of fun and entertainment. Usually the lower floor consists of UFOキャッチャー which is similar to the Western version of crane grabbers! UFOキャッチャー are commonly filled with a variety of things! _〆(・・ ) Everything from plush toys, hand towels, pillows, keycharms, keitai strap, household items and even food! As Akiba is known for it's 'Otaku' fame, many UFOキャッチャー will also host the latest figma to add to your collection! Each floor in the Arcades will host different games, usually the first two will consist of UFOキャッチャー and steadily moves on to your button smashing fighting games, DDR and even Guitar Hero. ☆ Sometimes on the basement level you will find popular Purikura machines and usually these areas are Female only - unless you are a couple! No Men allowed! ( -ω-)
UFOキャッチャー always looked full to burst! Holding a variety of cute prizes! Many of the Staff will celebrate your win too! They're enthusiastic and always willing to help you (spend your money) and win!! Usually the whole floor Staff will cheer, blow horns and whistles - which of course will draw a lot of attention to you for a couple seconds. ♪(⌒▽⌒) ノ☆・゜:*:゜

Around Akiba you will find a variety of Cosplay shops. Personally after walking into a couple while in awe, I will always end up in the AV and adult fetish section and rather awkwardly will shuffle my way out after reading the word 'bukkake' (σ´□`) ... (Please don't google that!)
Akihabara will and always will be in my number one recommendations for fun places to visit while Tokyo!  I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!ヾ(*′エ`*)ノ


  1. You forgot to mention that the staff are sometimes in cosplay and also play tambourines as well as blowing whistles when you win.

    Other than that, it's all spot on for Akiba ♥

  2. I only mentioned the basic things that people should expect when visiting. Of the times I've been I've only seen the cosplay once, that's why I didn't mention it.

  3. I definitely want to go to Akiba now (´・ω・`) I really should try harder on saving money. All I've got so far is 85€ OTL

  4. 85€ is better than nothing! (⌒▽⌒) Akiba is wonderful, it's obvious why Kanon enjoys it so much too. These are the 'main' points about Akihabara, but there is loads to discover!

  5. Sounds like fun (●´∀`●)
    Yet another place to check out when I get the chance to head over there.

  6. I totally recommend it! Even if you do not like Anime, there is pretty much something to everyone's taste!

  7. Wow I really need to visit that place. I love anime :D